The Garden Sees Fire

A mystical tale of cloaked identities, systemic traumas, and insatiable consumption: The ecology burns, reclaiming its environs.

This visionary, artist driven stop-motion animation synchronously incorporates buried and hand painted 16mm film frame-by-frame with drawing and armatured puppet animations. A devotion to time, craft, and materiality creates a surreal disorienting world-within-a-world of carefully composed and orchestrated animations infused with unpredictability and chaos.

The original sound design conceptually conjoins the worlds of the 16mm natural imagery and the constructed mise en scène of the characters through an intermediary space where auditory reality mingles with visual fantasy in a magically emotive transitory experience.

2024. 4K, stereo sound, 15:00
The second film in the Shadow Selves trilogy.

Supported in part by the Jerome Foundation.