Mountains are used to Snow/Συνηθισμένα τα βουνά από τα χιόνια

The title of the series, "Mountains are used to Snow/Συνηθισμένα τα βουνά από τα χιόνια", is a Greek idiom that exemplifies an acceptance of things as they are: Elements of the environment so common that they seem unalterable.

The urban landscape visibly embodies an absence of human intervention and control.  In quiet places, buildings and plants cohabit in a symbiotic relationship that is removed from humans' influence.  They are both left to their independent existences and silent competitions.  Plants engulf whole buildings, intruding with towering vines into otherwise pristine architectural planes; entwining themselves amongst man made structures.  They return to their untamed wildness. Buildings are in extreme degrees of disrepair; crumbling back into earth.

Work in Progress. Series of 60 Instant Film photographs, 2.4" x 3.8"