09.01.29 (from the series Living Organics)

09.01.29 reinvestigates the reality of Living Organics, a stop motion animation, through a photographic series. I am interested in the dialogue between the photograph as a still image and the photograph as a transient frame in time based media. Film is ephemeral: Various pertinent fragments get stored away in our visual memory, while other components are discarded, creating the possibility for a false memory or re-adaptation of the original narrative. Still photography is time-locked: It exists in the singular, standing as a testament for happenings.

09.01.29 provides a static theatre for the actors to reengage with one another, trying each other on, masquerading for the camera. What develops is an intimate portrait of characters who originated in a film, now granted their own immobile tragedy.

2009. 35 mm positive film, 24" x 16"