Selected Press

Obscurer in Creative Capital: On Our Radar, 2015
Confronting Art About Rape by Dr. Emily Newman, in Exploring Bodies in Time and Space edited by Loyola McLean, Lisa Stafford, and Mark Weeks. ID Press, UK, 2014
Review of Completely Human in Afterimage Vol. 40, No. 4 by John Powers, 2013
Essay for Completely Human at Texas A&M University Commerce, 2012
Midwest Photographers Project, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL, 2012
Review of Living Organics/09.01.29, at the MacRostie Art Center, Grand Rapids, MN, 2011 Featured Banner Artist, access+ENGAGE Issue 56.1: Milestones, 2010
The Moving Image, Douglas Holleley, Photo-editing and Presentation, 2009