Kiera Faber's award winning experimental films and stop motion animations are crafted by hand and influenced by her background in studio arts, photography, and psychology. Her work explores the repercussions of loss and trauma through enigmatic abstract narratives. The transitory intermingling of image, sound, memory, and meaning are why she makes films: The power of ephemerality to resonate in ways that are not fully understood. Faber received her MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop after completing a BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester. Her work has been nationally and internationally screened and exhibited, most notably in Armenia, Brazil, New Zealand, throughout the EU, and the United States. In 2018, Faber received a McKnight Fellowship in Media Arts and has received numerous grants for her films. Recently, she completed OBSCURER, supported in part by a grant from the Jerome Foundation.

Faber is a dual citizen of the USA and Luxembourg.